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At the Law Offices of Teresa Beyers, we understand the importance of sound advice during times of turmoil in your family life. Issues like divorce, child custody disputes, alimony and other California family law concerns can make your life feel out of control. We can use our experience and compassion to help you during this transition. Your goals are our goals when it comes to finding a way forward.

When it comes to choosing the right attorney, you need someone who understands your issues. We focus exclusively on family law work in San Fernando Valley and the Greater Los Angeles region. That focus means we are on the cutting edge of development in the law. We know how to protect what is important to you and fight for your rights to do what is best for your family.

Making The Future Brighter

From the moment you begin working with us, you will feel supported. We are attentive and caring, because we know family law disputes can wear you down. Whether you are going through a divorce or seeking a child custody arrangement that protects your loved ones, the stress of not knowing can be unbearable. We provide answers in a timely, friendly environment. With strong support and knowledgeable guidance, we can help you make the future brighter.

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Whatever your situation demands, we can help you meet the challenges head on. You will have the professional, experienced guidance you need to pursue the right strategy to accomplish your goals. Contact us online or call 888-370-9477 to schedule a consultation.